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Optimising the performance of your community starts with transparency. We have given the Main Dashboard a revamp which will allow you to see your ‘need to know’ information at a glance. This includes more robust tracking and reporting of your Ambassador community so making improvements will be easier than ever!

It's new and improved layout will seamlessly help you identify community optimisations through key performance metrics; allowing you to get a valuable overview of your community! Even team members who do not use the platform will be able to jump in and see what your community is up to! 🔥

Below is a breakdown of the most important changes we have made!


Once you log in you will now see that the data shown on the dashboard is from the

last 30 days by default. By streamlining the dashboard, we have developed a one-stop-shop to get an overview of community performance; making it easy to compare and contrast your progress and performance in comparison to the previous 30 days.

This logic applies to all of the tiles! For example, the Own Ambassadors tile shows that the brand Onepiece has increased in this number by 240% compared to the previous 30 days; highlighting their activation efforts!

💡To see data for all time you can use our time span filters and simply click "all time".

💡Increased values are displayed with green text and decreasing values appear in red!

When hovering over the different drop down options this will also show percentages, hence the total ambassadors for Onepiece has decreased by 20.28%.

ROI and Total Revenue

The ROI (Return On Investment) tile has been fully revamped, the information is more concise and can easily be located, increasing transparency.

Similar to the other tiles, the arrows and percentages indicate how much ROI has increased/decreased. It breaks down further the aspects that affect ROI which are clickable.

Total Revenue:

When hovering over the "Total Revenue" drop down selection, the number indicates the revenue generated in the last 30 days and the percentage highlights how much it has increased/decreased

For a further breakdown, when Total Revenue is clicked, it will redirect you to the Bill & Finance page in settings where you will be able to export the data!


The 'Sales' tab has now been replaced by 'Orders'. Once clicked you will be redirected to a different page that gives you a comprehensive breakdown of all sales, (by default the last 30 days are shown).

The Ambassadors and Order's Type column's have been updated to better understand which orders were generated via Discount Codes, MyShop, Code Drop Sales or Orders where extra money was used on top of gift card values. You can also filter which sales you would like to view by clicking on the dropdown and selecting the sales type.

💡Depending on your integration, if the "Refund" web-hook has been implemented, orders that have been "Cancelled" and "Refunded" will reflect here. Otherwise, when a sale is deleted manually by Brandbassador this will show as "Deleted".

Gift Card Rewards

When "Gift Card Rewards" is clicked, the Ambassador who received the reward along with the value and name of the mission will be displayed!

Cash Rewards

Similar to Gift Card Rewards, when clicked, "Cash Rewards" will display the name of the ambassador, the mission title and the amount rewarded.

Free product rewards

"Free Product Rewards" can be clicked to get a better understanding of whether or not an ambassador has used their freebie code. It will display the name of the ambassador, the freebie mission as well as the corresponding ORDER ID.

Gift Card Withdrawn

To see a further breakdown of which ambassadors have withdrawn a gift card code, you can click on the "Gift Card Withdrawn" option. There you can see the ambassador, gift card code, value and the corresponding order ID and order value (similar to Free Product Rewards).

It will also display the web shop where the gift card code can be used. This is determined by the "Display Name" which is entered by you in your Integration Settings.

Discount Codes

When "Discount Codes" is clicked you are able to see the codes created by ambassadors along with their expiration dates and how many orders have been generated.

💡Please note that you have the ability to disable discount codes here - however you need make sure to double check the code is invalid in your web shop as well.

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