MyShop takes the next step giving your Ambassador even more tools to be the powerhouse in your company. Your community can create individual web shops to share, promote and generate sales through.

Once you have completed your MyShop set up your Ambassadors can create their own personal MyShop URL to share with their friends and followers. Your potential customers will click into their

Customer View

The visitor can view your products in the Ambassadors MyShop and slide across different images and products similar to Instagram.

The customer journey is super simple as they can order the product directly from the Ambassadors MyShop page.

💡 As we have integrated with your web shop, the sale will be put through as a regular order in your site and the customer will receive the order confirmation from you as normal. The funds from the sale will be transferred into your Stripe account connected.

The customer journey will go as follows:

  1. Customer scrolls through items and decides which one to purchase

  2. Clicks buy now and decides which country to ship to (this will be based off the countries available in your linked web shops

  3. Pick the size/model of the product

  4. Enter shipping address (and billing address if different)

  5. Enter card details (if apple pay is installed on phone, the customer can use touch pay)

  6. Order is placed and they will receive confirmation email from you

Ambassador view

Now we have seen the customer journey, let's have a look at the Ambassador view!

First they will need to pick their personal MyShop URL link. We make suggestions based off their name and Instagram handle

Once they have chosen their link they can now start populating their shop with products! They select the products from those you have selected in your Products section.

Once saved these will be added automatically on their MyShop URL to start promoting!

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