MyShop allows your Ambassadors to sell your products directly through their MyShop site. So your brand can now have thousands of mini-web shops owned by the Ambassador promoting your products.

The customer journey is super quick and simple offering touch verification to purchase an item easily through an Ambassadors MyShop. When a purchase is made, it will be automatically sent to your store as a regular order and the cash is transferred securely to your bank through your Stripe account.

When setting up your account, you will have linked your web shop and MyShop page.

First it shows your web shop linked. You can have as many web shops linked as you like and the order will be placed based on the country the Ambassador orders to.

Connected webshops

Under "connected webshops" you can see which web shops you have linked to your MyShop account. These will be the shops your customers can purchase items through on the Ambassadors MyShop.

To add information on shipping country, individual discount codes and average wait time please click "Settings".

In the settings section you can customise the sales made by which web shop the sale has been made in.

The settings you can change are:

  • The discount code offered depending on which web shop the customer purchases a product from (this is allocated based on the country the customer is shipping to)

  • The support email which is given to the customer if assistance is needed with an order (they will still receive the regular confirmation email from your side)

  • The shipping countries your web shop ships to

  • Average delivery time for that web shop

  • The web shop API URL (this will be pre-set when you have integrated)

  • API key (this will be pre-set when you have integrated)

  • Allow non-Ambassadors to add web shops - these means not only your Ambassadors can sell your products but all Ambassadors registered on the app

  • Allow users to upload own images - this feature is still in development and will be ready soon!

Stripe account

When you set up your MyShop you will have linked the Stripe account you wish the funds from sales to be transferred into.

Here you can see the status of your stripe connection - if shown as unconnected please click "Connect with Stripe" to relink.

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