On MyShop you can pick and choose which products you want your Ambassadors to promote and sell.

The items you pick will be drawn straight from your web shop and you can choose the discount code percentage to offer on your products.

When you integrated your Webshop on the MyShop page it will have granted access to scroll through your site to allow you to easily pick and choose your products.

To import your products from your store to your MyShop, click "Sync products":

You are then able to decide which products can be published (allowing your Ambassadors to promote on their MyShop) and unpublished.

Filter by "Unpublished products" to browse your collections and pick and choose which ones to share.

💡 We suggest having at least five products live at one time and no more than 50

It is super easy to publish your products by hovering over the image and selecting "Publish product".

On the product tiles you will see the image the Ambassador can promote, name of product, value and original price minus the value.

We export all images from your webshop for each product and this will appear as a carousel on the Ambassadors MyShop.

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