Meet MyShop...our new social commerce tool to help you guarantee a seamless shopping experience that allows your consumers to purchase immediately.

Imagine if you could have your products displayed in thousands of small personal web shops around the world, promoted and curated by Ambassadors?

Well look no further - MyShop has arrived!

MyShop will allow Ambassadors to create their own web shop in minutes and add your products to sell to their followers and friends by promoting it using their multiple social media accounts:

Using one-click technology to capitalise on impulse buying and with an added layer of social interaction - we're confident we've disrupted the e-commerce game forever.

What are you waiting for? Let's get started!

What is required to enable ambassadors to create a MyShop using my products?

Admin access to your Shopify account

Please note if you integrated your Shopify web shop with Brandbassador before the 1st of July 2020 please ensure you update to our improved Shopify integration by simply following these simple instructions

Log in details for your Stripe account (this is the payment gateway we will use to transfer the revenue your Ambassadors generate for your brand into your bank account).

Please note a verification code will be sent to the Stripe admin’s phone that is linked to the account.

If you don’t have a stripe account don't worry - you can choose the keep your earnings in a Brandbassador holding account and we can transfer the funds to you via bank transfer.

Have MyShop enabled on your account - if you do not see the trolly symbol here please contact Customer Support using live chat and they will enable it for you:

Step 1

Click on the shopping basket symbol

Step 2

Click on 'Integration & Settings'. Here you will be able to integrate your web shop on the MyShop page in your Brandbassador account.

Simply select which web shop you wish to integrate. The choices will be based of the web shops you have linked in your settings page. Then click connect.

After you have click "connect" you will see a pop up Shopify window to login to your Shopify to give authorisation. Please note you must have admin access.

💡We would suggest logging into your Shopify in a separate tab and this step will be bypassed automatically💡

Once you have successful linked your web shop you will see a green success notification showing your account has been linked and the web shop will be shown in your 'Connected Web shops'.

Next please click on Settings next to your chosen web shop.

The settings you can change here are:

  • The discount code offered depending on which web shop the customer purchases a product from (this is allocated based on the country the customer is shipping to)

  • The support email which will be provided to the customer if assistance is needed with an order (they will still receive the regular confirmation email from your side)

  • The shipping countries your web shop ships to

  • Average shipping time for that web shop

  • The web shop API URL (this will be pre-set when you have integrated)

  • API key (this will be pre-set when you have integrated)

  • Allow non-Ambassadors to add web shops - this means all Ambassadors registered on the Brandbassador app will be able to sell your products - 💡 we highly recommend you toggle this on to give you the highest return💡.

  • Allow users to upload own images - this feature is still in development and will be ready soon! Please toggle it on.

  • Allow users to upload their own product descriptions - this feature is still in development and will be ready soon! Please toggle it on.

Make sure to click save to ensure the details are updated in your Ambassadors web shop.

💡 To unlink your web shop please select "Disconnect MyShop integration"💡

Step 3

The second and last step is to connect the Stripe account you would like the cash from sales generated by Ambassadors to be transferred into or select the Brandbassador holding account option.

Simply click "Connect with Stripe" to be redirected to connect your stripe account.

You will just need to login to your Stripe account to authorise the payments to your account.

Please note a verification code will be sent to the Stripe admin’s phone that is linked to the account.

If you do not have an account yet, no problem! You can easily create a Stripe account by clicking "Connect with Strip" and enter your details.

Once you have connected your stripe account this will show connected in your Stripe section:

💡 Please refresh your page💡

Step 4

Now for the fun part!

Here you get to pick and choose which products you want your Ambassadors to promote. Click into the "Products" selection and select "Sync products".

As you have integrated your web shop, the products will be automatically imported into your products section. You can easily choose which products to choose by hovering over the tile and select "Publish product".

Now you have chosen your products Ambassadors can start creating their own personal MyShop using your brand's products.

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