Now you have gotten setup on MyShop and your Ambassadors are out being the best salesman you know and love, you can track your results on the MyShop dashboard.

The dashboard is broken down into four tiles:

  • Revenue

  • Active shops

  • Impressions

  • Published products


This tile shows you the overall revenue generated by your Ambassadors through their MyShop sites. Every time a sale is made the cash will be sent to your linked Stripe account and the order placed in your corresponding country store.

Active shops

This tile shows how many of your Ambassadors currently have MyShop sites set up on Brandbassador. When setting up your account you can decide to allow just your Ambassadors to create a shop or all Ambassadors on the app. Therefore, this number can be over your total Ambassadors. We think the more the merrier!


This tile shows the number of times your Ambassador's MyShop has been viewed by potential customers.

Published Products

Finally, this tile shows the number of products your Ambassadors can promote and sell on their MyShop. This will be decided when choosing the items in your Products section of the MyShop page in admin.

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