Over the last 25 years e-commerce has been slowly growing and changing to help small businesses become huge, successful brands. The basics of online selling are incredible and have revolutionised the way we buy and sell products. However, we think it's now time to take a massive step forward for B2C sales.

MyShop gives you the chance to not just let your Ambassadors promote your brand, but actually be your sales force. Offering thousands of micro-influencer shops and providing direct to consume sales perfect for those impulse purchases.

Have we waffled enough? Ok let's show you what we mean!

Allow your Ambassadors to create individual online stores selling your products. They can share their MyShop.io URL link with their friends and followers to purchase directly from their site.

The option for one-click purchases through apple pay makes the customer journey even simpler with little effort being required and direct to consumer sales.

What's even better? It is super simple for you to set up on your side! All you need is a the updated Shopify integration and a Stripe account! Once a sale has been made, we will automatically transfer the cash into your Stripe account minus the commission for the sale and the product order will be placed in your store.

On the admin side, we provide you with a dashboard and breakdown to easily set up and manage your MyShop community!

Click on the links below to see a breakdown of each feature in the MyShop page:

1. MyShop Dashboard

2. Integration & Settings

3. Products

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