You have made some missions - great! Now where are they? There are 5 main mission statuses that will affect whether an Ambassador can see and interact with the mission.

You can filter your Mission Dashboard by these statuses to locate all of your missions:


Live Missions can be seen and completed by all Ambassadors in the audience!

💡 Remember to keep the budget of live Missions topped-up to ensure that Ambassadors can complete the Mission.


Scheduled missions have been published, but are not yet live. You can schedule a mission in the mission maker by editing the publish date here:


Ended missions have reached the end date entered in the description section of the mission maker. Ambassadors cannot see or submit for ended missions.

💡 Freebie missions are a bit different! If a freebie mission has ended, the Ambassador will be able to submit.


Pausing a mission is used when you would not like any new Ambassadors to engage with the mission.

Ambassadors that have already engaged with the mission (for example, uploaded their first screenshot for an Instagram Story mission) will be able to submit if you select this option when pausing:

Paused missions can be set live again from the mission Options.


Archived missions are permanently deleted missions that you will not be able to set live again. You will only be able to archive a mission if there are no pending actions required from Ambassadors and once the budget has been returned.


Draft missions are partially created missions that have not been published yet. In the mission maker, missions will automatically save as a draft after each section is completed.

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