Alright it is time to create some missions, which is the core of Brandbassador to give your ambassadors a fun and gamified experience, and through missions you can ask your ambassadors to do anything - from creating content or engaging on social media to even throw parties or attend your events.

Creativity is the only thing that holds you back here, and I love seeing brands using the mission maker in ways we did not even imagine when building this. The possibilities are endless. So the goal with this session is to teach you all the ins and outs of the mission maker so you can come up with your own creative ideas to reach your goals!

First I want to give you a quick tour of the Mission Maker - where the magic happens.

Here we have created a lot of templates based on the most popular missions. You can choose a category and copy the mission to use this template

The social boost missions is a quick way to create missions from your recent social posts. If you have linked your Instagram and Facebook in your Settings your recent posts will appear here and you can choose your desired action from this dropdown, so I can create a mission for my ambassadors to for example comment on this post.

You can also create a mission from scratch, and create exactly the mission you want.

As you see you will always have the preview of how the ambassador will see the mission on the right side. And you can navigate between the steps on the bottom.

As seen in the bottom of the preview of the app, you have the ambassador action button. The first step is to give an action to this button here, and the action you choose defines the flow for the ambassador in the app

And the different actions your can create is:

Social Media missions, sales which enables you to reward your ambassadors when they have completed a certain number of sales. You can have your ambassadors Invite their friends to become your ambassadors, and get rewarded once a certain number of them is approved as an ambassador for your brand

And Other Actions provide link, image, video, text of files. Other actions is also great to cover missions where Brandbassador does not have a defined flow, like for example to leave a review on your webshop and provide a screenshot as proof.

In Social Media, the social networks where Brandbassador do have automated flows appear. And if you choose one, you will see the available actions for that social media network. As with Twitter you can choose actions like Retweet, and with Instagram actions like Instagram Story.

Notice how the button changes as you navigate through the mission maker.

Depending on the action you have chosen a set of Action Type Settings and Advanced Settings appear. I will show you how to use these in the later videos.

And then you need to incentivize your ambassadors and reward them ambassadors for their efforts. And you can reward them in 4 ways, with Cash, Gift Card, Bonus Points and Free products.

Cash is cash, and once their submission is approved the cash will be transferred from your Reward Spend balance to the ambassadors Brandbassador account for them to withdraw to their bank account

Gift Card is store credits for use in your webshop only. Ambassadors can accumulated these in their Gift Card Account in the app until they have reached sum they want to withdraw

For Cash and Gift Card you will get these options where applicable.

So you can either give a flat rate per completed mission, reward them per 1000 followers they have on the relevant social media, Per Engagement depending on the action you have chosen. So for YouTube you can reward them per view, for Instagram Post you can reward them per like or comment. Or you can have your ambassadors submit an offer, in which can approve or you can counter offer

It is highly recommended to use dynamic rewards like Per 1000 Followers or Per Engagement where available as this ensures that ambassadors are incentivized based on their social value, and ensures a lot higher engagement on your missions from quality ambassadors

Bonus Points will not cost you anything, but also have very little value for your ambassadors as the only value Points bring is to help them Level up.

Bonus Points is designed for very simple actions you would expect your ambassadors to do anyways, and therefore there’s no need to reward them for it, like for example follow your brand on Instagram

The Freebie reward is the most engaging reward, as your ambassadors love your brand and your products and the more products they get, the better ambassadors they will be.

I will walk you through how to create a mission for each of these rewards later in this recording.

In the Description is where you explain to your ambassadors about this mission.

First thing you need to do is to give it an exciting image. The Brandbassador app is built up around your imagery, so the images are a very important part of communicating your brand vibe and to make your list of missions look visually exciting to inspire your ambassadors.

If you have linked your Facebook and Instagram in Settings you can choose one directly from your most recent posts, and crop it to fit.

Then you need to give your mission a title. The title shows to your ambassador in the mission listing in one line so it should be short, snappy and engaging

You can set a publish time if you want to schedule this mission to publish at a time in future and you can set an end date if you want the mission to go offline at a given time

The summary is an important space you should use to inspire your ambassadors to complete this mission, putting your brand tone of voice in and speaking directly to your ambassador persona.

The description should explain more literally step-by-step what the ambassador need to do to complete this mission. You can improve the description by setting important phrases with bold, or link to external sites for information or inspiration. If you need help with this section you can always search for help in the Help Center to find our suggested description for the action you have set and use that as inspiration. So if I am trying to do a INstagram Post video I’ll search for Instagram Post Description, and I can copy and paste this and edit as I wish. And remember you can always ask our support team for help if you are stuck. Let’s say hi to them.

The terms and conditions are there to explain the rules within this mission. For example if you’re asking for a video define here the minimum length required, the quality expected, you logo needs to show etc

This way you can reject a submission if not completed correctly and ask them to try again and follow the terms and conditions set.

In the Audience section is where you decide who of your ambassadors should see this mission. You can use your filters or segments to narrow down the Audience.

And the last page is the Summary where if done everything right you will have all green ticks and can click here to publish, or at any time save as draft if you want to complete it later on.

That’s a quick tour of the mission maker! I will go on to create some exciting missions for Onepiece to hopefully inspire you to come up with your own great mission ideas.

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