So I will now create a full set of missions for Onepiece. Do you remember that Onepiece calls their community the Sunday Club? So I will create these missions for Sunday Club Members, or more specifically for the ambassador persona we called Slacker Sam.

It is really important to always have your ambassador persona in mind when creating your missions, because if your desired ambassador don’t think the action you ask for is engaging or the reward given is not incentivizing for them, then they will complete your mission

So this is how I would want the app for Slacker Sam to look in the end, to create a fun and engaging experience for the Onepiece ambassadors. As you can see we’re looking for a diverse set of missions, ranging in difficulty and with a good set of rewards, and beautiful and engaging imagery making me want to check it out. Some will be quick and easy to do, and some involves a bit more effort like creating quality content.

The most exciting and highest rewarding missions that aligns with Onepiece’s goals of generating content and revenue are highest up, as that is the first missions their ambassadors will see.

If you see the third missions down you’ll you see two rewards in one mission like this means it is a chain mission, meaning when ambassadors complete the first mission they unlock the next mission in the chain. So let’s look at this. I can complete the ‘Make your first sale and get 50 dollar gift card in addition to my commission and unlock the next mission which is do another 10 sales and get 100 dollar cash bonus. If I try to complete the second mission it sends me to the first mission in the chain to complete first. This is a very exciting and gamified way to incentivise your ambassadors to do many relevant actions without cluttering your mission listing

Missions are set in chronological order from time created, so I will start with the bottom ones which are missions that will always be there, and less exciting like follow Onepiece on social media that would always be there.

I expect all our ambassadors to follow us on social media from before, so they are merely there to remind them. And therefore they are only rewarded with points.

These are also the simplest missions to make, so a great place to start. So let’s go to the Mission Maker and start creating missions!

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