Ok great, you should have a good understanding of the mission maker now! So once you have finished a good set of missions for your first ambassadors to complete it’s all about getting them in there to complete them.

The key recipe for success is adopting a company-wide mindset to activate ambassadors everywhere you see, meet or communicate with customers, fans and potential ambassadors.

So putting effort into activating your existing fans and customers as ambassadors is the first step to building your community!

First we highly recommend to set up Segment URL's for the different initiatives you do to activate you ambassadors.

Segments are groups of ambassadors you can use to target certain missions to. And Segment URL's are registration links, in which an ambassador who signs up through this links ends up in the relevant Segment.

This is a really powerful as you will know where your ambassadors came from, and you will be able to peronalise their experience by Segment certain missions to certain ambassadors.

For example if ambassadors signs up through a link in the Order Confirmation page you know they already have one of your products, so you can make sure they see a great mission to show off this product straight away.

Being strategic on your Segments and landing pages early on will be very helpful as you scale your ambassador community, so we highly recommend to start off with Segments.

Segment URL's are super easy to create in Settings > Brand Details

Here you will find your Brandbassador Invitation Link. This is the link to your brand's landing page, and all ambassadors who signs up through this page becomes your Own Ambassador which means you will get access to all their information and the ambassador will always have your brand prioritised in the Brandbassador app.

You'll also find the button '+ Add new segment URL'. Click that and either choose an existing Segment or create a new segment.

You will then get the Segment URL you can send to potential ambassadors to registert through.

You can create as many Segment URL's as you wish!
Here is a screencast on how to create Segment URL's

The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Brand Community

Your brand most probably already have loads of fans and customers who all are interested in getting involved with your brand more than just being a former customer or Instagram follower - these are the people you would want to apply as ambassadors.

There are many ways as to how to find ambassadors, and here are a few ideas. Click in to see examples on how other brands have done this.

  1. Social Media Posts
    One of the most effective ways to recruit new ambassadors for your brand is through your social media followers. These are the people who have already shown active involvement with your brand. 

  2. Customer newsletter
    Enlisting your existing customers to Brandbassador is a surefire way to gain ambassadors who already have and love your products.  A great step to harness this power is to recruit in your company newsletter. 

  3. Direct Message
    Potential Ambassadors with a significant following are a bit more manual to connect with, so why not take some time to recruit them as ambassadors? Reach out to those who fit your style, or have maybe even posted about your brand before, and bring them onto your ambassador programme!

  4. Website Footer
    Potential ambassadors interested in joining your brand community will first look to your website for a away to get in contact. Therefore, an effective way to invite them to Brandbassador is by adding the link to your ambassador registration landing page [yourbrand].brandbassador.com to your website footer.  

  5. Build a custom landing page
    Some of the most successful brands on Brandbassador create bespoke landing pages to explain prospective ambassadors more about how their brands' ambassador programme works. This works great to get ambassadors ready, and educate them on what your ambassador program entails.

  6. Customer Service
    Your customer service team have the closest relationship to your current customers, fans and followers. Everyday they talk to new potential ambassadors perfect for your community who may not be aware of the opportunity you are offering.

  7. Checkout success page and email
    Activating your existing customer base into ambassadors is so useful as they can instantly start promoting your brand! A great way of recruiting your customers is inviting them to the team right when they have completed a purchase - either in the checkout success page and/or in the order confirmation email

  8. Invite Missions
    Did you know that you can incentivise your current ambassadors to invite people in their network to apply to join?In the Mission Maker choose the action 'Invite Friends' and choose how many friends they should invite to complete this mission and receive their cash, gift card, points or freebie reward. Your ambassadors will then get their own Invitation Link which sends people to your own brand registration landing page, and only those who are approved as ambassadors will count towards the mission.

  9. Great rewards
    The higher your rewards are, the more ambassador applications you are likely to receive. You can use filter which ambassadors can see your high value rewards to encourage quality content being created.

Now go out and get your ambassadors!

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