In this fast paced world where new social media trends change quicker than Taylor Swifts boyfriends we want to help you utilise your time!

Quickly create a tried and tested mission from one of our collection in templates. These missions have already been created for you and ready to go - all you need to do is set it live!

The template missions can be found by clicking into your Mission Maker.

We have organised the missions into different groups to easily find the perfect one you are trying to create.

If you still need help finding the right mission, you can use the search bar or mission action type filter.

  • Search bar - This will search based on the name of the mission

  • Action type - This will filter based on the type of social media

To save your time entering in your brands details, we use place holders to automatically insert your Instagram handle, hashtag and brand name. This is preset by the details you enter in the Brand details section of the Settings page. This is found by clicking into Settings and scrolling down to Brand details:

Once you have found your template mission, click into the mission to preview and then select "Mission options > edit mission" to create your own.

You will then be taken to the Mission to edit any details you wish before setting it live. We would always suggest reading it through and editing the image and text so it is more personal for your brand and brand voice.

💡 Please note, the reward is the reward Brandbassador recommends and this is preset when we set up the template. This can be edited like you would a normal mission before it goes live.

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