Ambassador marketing takes time and effort in order to curate a perfect, highly functioning Ambassador community. We know how hard you work and want to help you save precious time and effort so you can optimise your day. Therefore, we developed bulk actions in your Mission Details page to easily manage thousands of Ambassadors at one time.

Bulk actions are available in four areas on the Mission details page.

  • Mission Requests / Freebie Requests - If you have turned ON request to do mission, then your Ambassadors will apply to your mission before taking part. Their request will then be shown in your Mission Details page under Requests.

  • Freebies Given - If you have approved a freebie request, they will show pending in Freebies given until the Ambassador submits. 

  • Awaiting Submissions - If you have approved a mission request, they will show pending in Awaiting posts until the Ambassador submits. 

  • Mission Submissions - Once the Ambassador has completed your mission and submitted in the app they will show here for you to view. 

In each section, you are able to use bulk action options to easily manage your missions. 

💡If you would like to use the bulk options, please make sure you are viewing the page in list view.

It is then possible to select the chosen Ambassadors and use one of the bulk action options at the top of the table. 

There are two common bulk options which are available in every section in the Mission details page:

  1. Add to segment - this will allow you to add the Ambassadors to a segment (you can also create a segment here and add them straight away).

  2. Send a message - this will allow you to send a group message to the chosen Ambassadors. 

If you would like to select all Ambassadors then please select the top left box in the table. 

In each section, there are also differing bulk options based off the common action taken when managing your Ambassadors in these areas.

Firstly, in Mission Requests and Freebie Requests, it is also possible to bulk reject Ambassadors from your mission. Similarly to adding to a segment or sending a message you must click into list view > select the Ambassadors to reject > Click "Rejected Selected".

Please note, once you have rejected an Ambassador request to do a mission they will not be able to reapply and you cannot un-reject their request. 

Secondly, in Freebies given you can delete the Ambassadors from a mission and edit the number of days left they have to submit. If you choose to delete the Ambassadors from the mission, the mission will be removed from their app listing. 

By editing the days left, you can give the Ambassadors extra time to complete your freebie mission. A pop up box will appear and you can edit the number of days left to post between 1-30 days. 

💡You may want to alert the Ambassadors to this extra time, if so please toggle ON "send message to user". This message will be sent to the Ambassador in the message centre and can be customised to your choosing. 

Here is an example of what to write in your message:


We have given you some extra time to submit the mission: You deserve a free Jumpsuit 👊

This mission now needs to be submitted in 2 days

Best regards,

Lastly, in the Mission Submissions section it is possible to bulk approve your submissions. If you know all your Ambassadors have done an amazing job and want to reward their hard work simply click list view > select Ambassadors and click "Approve selected".

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