Who doesn't love a free product! Freebies are an amazing way to reward your Ambassadors as they love your products so receive a free one is an awesome reward and it will give them a product to promote for you.

We always advise strongly to create freebie missions for all your Ambassadors to give them a product to advertise to their friends, family and followers. If you have set up a freebie mission in the mission maker where the product is delivered before they submit, the Ambassadors will apply to take part and then be shown in the mission under Freebie requests.

You may want the Ambassador to receive the free product before submitting in the mission. This is done by turning on "Deliver a product to Ambassador before mission submission" - the Ambassador will be required to request to do the mission. This will follow these steps:

  1. Click request to do mission in the app. 

  2. Enter shipping address.

  3. Mission is now pending review from you. 

Once the Ambassador has requested to the the mission there request will be pending in your Mission details page and will show in the Missions that require action table in your Mission dashboard.

The request tiles shown here will be the same shown for any Request to do mission. You can now review their request and either approve or reject. If you click approve a pop up box will appear providing you with different ways to deliver the product to your Ambassador.

There are three different ways to deliver the freebie:

  • Discount/gift card code

  • Message 

  • Ship items

For Discount/gift card code delivery, this will provide a code for your Ambassadors to purchase the item from your website. If you turned ON "Automatically populate codes" when creating the mission, the freebie code will automatically be provided here in the box. 

If you decide to not upload your codes via csv. when creating the mission the box will appear blank for you to enter the code and expiry date. After clicking send, the code will be sent to the Ambassador for them to purchase their item.

Ambassadors will also receive a message in the app from your brand with the code and website link. They will receive 3 further messages encouraging them to purchase the item and submit their post. The prompting messages is not sent if using the message or ship items delivery option.

💡The Ambassador can always find their code again by clicking into the mission and selecting "Get freebie"

You may decide to send your codes via a message in the Message centre of the app. This may be because you want to customise the message with more information or to gather further information before you send them a code. 

The Ambassador will receive a similar notification as if they received a code but it will state that you have sent them a message and redirect them to the message in the app. 

The final way your can deliver your product to the Ambassador is by shipping this to them directly. This is done by selecting "Ship items" in the pop up box.

In the box it will show you the Ambassadors address for you to send the product directly to the Ambassador. This will allow you to enter a tracking link for the Ambassador to track their shipment. 

The Ambassador will receive a notification stating their request has been approved and they will receive their product within a few days. It is important to keep your Ambassadors updated on when the product will arrive to help them plan when they can submit for their mission. 

💡 Please note, we strongly advise to use the discount/gift card code to reward your Ambassadors as this requires less manual work on your side. 

If you do decide to reject the Ambassador request for a freebie mission, you can write a reason for rejection. We suggest to not be too harsh but also not to promise anything in the future (like promising they will be approved to the next freebie mission). Here is an example of a freebie rejection message:

"Thank you so much for applying for our freebie mission! We have received so many applications for this mission and unfortunately cannot approve everyone. Sadly on this occasion we are not able to approve your request. Please do not feel discouraged to apply for future missions" 

You can save messages as a macro to avoid writing out the same message multiple times. This is done by clicking in the rejection text box "Save as macro".

The rejection message will then be sent to the Ambassador in the message centre. 

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