How well do you know your Ambassadors? We know they are like family to you but remembering hundreds, if not thousands of Ambassadors can be tricky. Therefore, choosing the perfect Ambassadors for a mission can require some thought. 

We want to ensure that you have the best Ambassadors for each mission and so we provide you with the ability to review their accounts before they take part. Asking your Ambassador to request to do a mission will not just show who in your community is keen to complete certain missions but it will also allow you approve the right ones.

If you would like to ask your Ambassadors to request to do a mission, please toggle on the function in the Mission Maker. 

💡You can add an expiry date for a mission request which will ensure your Ambassador submits within a certain timeframe. 

For your Ambassador the request process will appear in three steps:

1. They must request to do the mission.
2. They will wait whilst their request is pending your review.
3. Once approved they can begin completing your mission.

We do strongly advise you do not leave your Ambassadors pending mission requests for over 3 working days to avoid Ambassadors engagement dropping. 

Once the Ambassador requests to do the mission, they will appear in your Mission Details page under "Requests". You can see the total number of requests pending in the red bubble next to the Request heading. 

Similar to Ambassador tiles in the Ambassador Dashboard Listing, the request tiles shows you

  • Ambassador profile picture (when clicked will show you Instagram preview).

  • Ambassador country (country flag next to name).

  • Ambassador type.

  • Ability to add to segment by clicking + in top corner.

  • Link to Instagram account.

As well as these qualities, the Request tile will also provide information to help you make your decision on whether to approve or reject the application:

With this information, you are able to make an educated decision on which Ambassador to approve or reject for your mission. 

Once a request for a mission has been rejected, it is not possible for the Ambassador to reapply. The mission will be removed from their app listing and they will not be able to take part in the mission. 

For a freebie mission which is delivered before submitting, you will approve the Ambassador and will then need to provide them with their free product. 

With missions where the Ambassador can submit an offer, the offer will be shown in the Reward section and will show as "SUBMITTED OFFER". 

You can filter your requests in the drop down option in the right corner of request by:

  • Pending - awaiting approval from you.

  • Approved - approved to take part in mission and awaiting submission by Ambassador.

  • Rejected - Ambassadors you have requested to take part in the mission.

It is also possible to search Ambassadors names in the search bar to easily find an Ambassador. 

It is possible to view your submissions in list view as well. This will give you the option to bulk reject mission requests, send messages to your Ambassadors and add them to a segment. 

Once you have approved the Ambassador request, they will move into "Awaiting submission" for your Ambassador to complete. Then comes the fun part, watch all your amazing Ambassador submissions fly in!

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