Brandbassador allows you to seamlessly create missions for thousands of your Ambassadors and easily control them as a team in one, convenient space. We provide you with all information needed to track the progress and success of your missions in the 'Mission Details' page.

To find the Mission Details page, click into the Mission Dashboard and then click into one of your missions.  

In your Mission Details page, you will see the Mission Dashboard. Each has a tile to reflect the status of your mission. 

As each mission is carrying out a specific task the tiles will reflect this and vary depending on the mission you create. Missions will also share common tiles which are shown in every mission. 

Audience Tile

Here you will see the amount of Ambassadors in the audience of your mission. If you hover over the tile you will see:

The number of mission views are the number of times the mission has been viewed. Not the number of Ambassadors who have viewed the mission. Therefore, mission views can be higher than overall audience. 


This will show the number of submissions you have received for your mission. The overall number will show the number of approved and pending submissions you have. If you hover over the submissions tile, you will see a breakdown of the stage of all your submissions.

  • Approved - Ambassadors who have submitted and been approved for the mission.

  • Pending - Those who have submitted and are pending approval - or Ambassadors which have submitted but their submission is processing (i.e. a Facebook post takes time to process and track engagement).

  • Request - When you have Request to do mission turned ON Ambassadors will apply to do the mission. They will be shown as "Requests" until approved or rejected. 

  • Request Approved - Ambassadors who have been approved to take part in the mission. 

  • Rejected - Ambassadors whose request or submission has been rejected.

Budget Left

Each mission will have a set budget for the chosen reward e.g. free products, gift cards, cash or points. If you would like to top up the budget, click on the pencil icon and enter the new budget amount. By hovering over the budget left tile you can see the where your budget has been allocated.

  • Pending approval - the budget allocated to Ambassadors who are pending approval of their submission.

  • Approved - once an Ambassador is approved for a mission they are rewarded for their submission.

  • Counter offer -  the budget allocated to Ambassadors who have submitted an offer, were rejected by you and have since provided a counter offer.

  • Offer approved - total sum of all approved offer submissions

  • Awaiting posts - budget allocated to Ambassadors who have been approved to take part in a mission but not yet submitted.

  • Calculating (allocated) - budget allocated to Ambassadors whose submissions are currently "processing". Such as an Instastory mission when the first screenshot is submitted or Facebook posts when engagement is being tracked. 

💡If you are topping up a freebie mission and have uploaded codes via csv. file you can upload more codes by clicking on the pencil icon and selecting "Upload more codes".

These tiles will appear in every missions, for other missions specific tiles relating to the output of the mission will be shown. 

1. Sales missions (also shown in missions with specific tracking links/discount codes available)


The revenue tile will show how much cash in dollars has been generated by your Ambassadors in a sales mission. If the mission has specific tracking links/discount codes available, this tile will show how much revenue has been generated through the uploaded codes. 

2. Social Media missions (if creating a mission you will choose an "Action" - such as the action Social Media)

Social Network

The social network tile shows the total reach of all Ambassadors who have submitted for the mission. If you hover the social network tile you can see a breakdown of the social engagements with the Ambassadors submissions. 

There you have it! All the available tiles in your 'Mission Details' dashboard. 

There is a lot of valuable information here which means it does require a large amount of bandwidth to load the page. Therefore, to optimise your experience on Brandbassador, the dashboard will only be updated every 24 hours. 

We highly recommend you force updating it anytime by clicking the refresh button above the dashboard.

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