When it comes to Ambassadors, we believe there is strength in numbers which is why we allow each Ambassador to invite friends to join their team. This helps brand utilise the influence of their Ambassadors and generate more sales and awareness from trusted sources.

Ambassadors get an invite code and whenever a new friend joins the platform using their code, they automatically join the team. The invite code can be be found on an Ambassadors profile by selecting the "Team Members" tab. 

Once selected, a new screen will show the Ambassadors team page which includes their invitation link that can either be emailed or copied to be shared by text. This also shows each team member along with their sales earned and last date active.

Note: Ambassadors receive 20% commission for all sales generated by their team

Brands can view an Ambassadors team members by selecting a profile from the Ambassadors page on the admin dashboard.

Once their profile appears, select the details section of the Ambassador which opens a drop down menu.

Once the drop down menu opens you will be able to view more information about the Ambassador including their team members.

Select the team members section to see further information regarding exactly who is on the Ambassadors team. You will be able to see details of each team members revenue made along with their social media network reach.

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