Once you have asked your Ambassadors to participate in a mission, they will complete the mission and the submission will be sent to you for approval. 

Where are Mission Submissions?

There are two areas to view Ambassador mission submissions; in the main dashboard and within the mission details page.

Missions Details Page

For the article on mission submissions within the mission details page, please click here.

Main Dashboard

To view mission submission in the Mission Details page, please follow these steps: 

1. Go to the Main Dashboard.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the mission submissions bar.

3. Click on the mission submissions bar to view submissions. 

Submission Drop-Down Menu

When opening the mission submissions bar, you are able to filter the submissions through the drop-down menu. 

Within this drop-down menu, you are able to view:

Pending Approval

These submissions have been completed and are awaiting review. The mission submission section shows Pending Approval by default. 

Processing Submissions

These submissions are processing, meaning that the Ambassador is participating in the mission, but has not completed the desired action. Processing submissions may include sales missions or Instagram story missions. 

This Ambassador has started the mission by making 2 sales, but has not completed the mission:

Approved Submissions

These submissions have all been completed and approved! 

Rejected Submissions 

These submissions have been completed, but rejected. If an Ambassador does not complete the mission correctly and their submission is rejected, they will appear here. 

All Submissions

This option will show submissions from all of the above. 

Submission Filters

You may want to filter the submissions that you view by mission type, response or reward. Filtering mission submissions can be used to create reports or view all user generated content. 

To filter submissions, please follow these steps:

1. Open the mission filters, by clicking the filter button in the top right. 

2. Input the mission type, response and reward you would like to view, and select the type of submission. To view all approved user generated content, please select the following: 

  • Mission Type: Instagram 

  • Responses: Post

  • Reward: Any 

  • Drop-Down Menu: Approved Submissions

3. The mission submissions section will now show submissions with these filters applied. 

💡For submissions that ask Ambassadors to submit an image or post, you can click on the image to enlarge it! This is great for user generated content as it can be saved straight from the platform! 

Simply click on the submission to view it, and save directly from Brandbassador! 

Approving Mission Submissions

If you have viewed the submission and the Ambassador has completed the mission correctly, approve their submission by clicking the "Approve" Button:

💡Really love an Ambassador's submission? Give it a star rating! You can view an Ambassador's star rating in the Ambassador details page, Ambassador dashboard (list view) and filter mission audiences by star rating too!

When Ambassador's submission is approved, a notification is sent to their account informing them that their submission has been approved and their allocated reward is sent to their account:

Rejecting Mission Submissions

If the Ambassador has not completed the mission correctly, you can reject their submission by clicking the "Reject" button: 

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