From mission budgets, to gift card requests there can be a lot of things to keep track of on Brandbassador. To ensure you can utilise your time we have created a Notification area to easily see identify any actions you need to take.

To find your notifications, please click into the Main Dashboard and scroll down to "Notifications".

The notifications vary on what action is required and will provide you information from various different areas of the platform Here is a breakdown what the notifications mean:

Social Media Account Links

When setting up on Brandbassador, you link your social media accounts to allow Ambassadors to check out your content and receive rewards automatically for commenting/linking on your posts.

Please click HERE for more information on your social media account links.

If you get a notification saying the connection has been lost, your Ambassadors will not be able to complete social boost missions. It is important to relink as soon as possible to avoid Ambassadors experiencing issues.

By clicking "Fix now" it will redirect you to the Settings page to relink your account.

Mission low on budget

If you want to see a list of all your Missions this could be found in the Mission Dashboard but we do give you a little alert just in case one of your missions is low on budget.

By clicking "Got it" the notification will be deleted - click the mission name to be redirected to the mission to top up the budget.

Gift Card Requests

When your Ambassadors do missions for a gift card reward they accumulate credit in their Gift Card Account which can be withdrawn at any time into a code. Although most codes are created automatically, you may need to create them manually based on your integration web shop type. Or if over $100 they will need to be approved before by you.

We cap automatic gift card withdraw at $100 to ensure you have control over the gift cards created in your web shop.

If gift card code creation is automatic, all you will need to do is click the tick button for the code to be created and sent to your Ambassador to shop!

If gift cards need to be manually created when clicking the tick icon a pop up will appear asking you to create it in your webshop. It will also give you the opportunity to edit the code if you wish.

Tracking through a sale

Although we do have a robust way to track sales the Ambassadors make through discount codes, due to unforeseen circumstances some sales may be missed. We want to ensure the Ambassadors have control over their sales so allow them to add any missing sales they have made.

The sales will not track through and give commission to the Ambassador until you verify the sale and give approval.

The Ambassador will give the discount code used, value of sale and order ID which should provide you enough information to verify from your linked web shop.

If the sale has been made, click the tick icon to validate the sale and reward your Ambassador with the missing commission. If the sale has not been made, click the X button to delete the notification and sale request.

Finance top ups

There are two accounts on Brandbassador which require cash being transferred from your linked credit card. Your Reward Budget account for missions and your Commission Account for sale commission charges. They will both be topped up at the beginning of every month but there can also be mid-month charges.

When your card is charged, we will notify you in the notifications section to ensure you are being kept up to date on any charges.

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