The biggest asset we have are our Ambassadors and when you join us, you will have access to our comprehensive database. An important process is selecting the type of Ambassadors you want to represent your brand and generate sales or awareness. 

How does this work?

People apply to brands through the app, when they're in the brands section they select the "Other Brands" tab which shows a list of brands they are able to apply towards. Once they have applied, it is then up to the brand to approve or reject upon review.

You can find your 'New Ambassador Applications' on your main dashboard under the dashboard tiles. 

Within each new applicant there are key features to understand in order to help you make an informed decision on whether or not to approve the Ambassador.

Instagram Preview: Once you click on the profile picture of an applicant, if they have connected their Instagram account this triggers a preview to pop up. This allows you to scroll through a few of their past posts as well as gives you a summary of their account on the bottom of the post.

Followers: This helps you see the Ambassadors total reach across all of their linked social media profiles. When you hover above this section, a screen showing a breakdown of social media followers for the Ambassador appears. You can click on each of these networks to be taken directly to the social media profile.

Note: Facebook, Snapchat, Blog and TikTok profiles are not currently integrated.

Trust Score: This helps show you how trustworthy an Ambassador is in terms of their followers and organic engagement per post. When you hover over this section of an applicants profile, an Ambassador's Trust Score appears, which is an algorithm we created to detect anomalies in the Ambassadors follower and engagement rate. 

Text Application: This helps you to judge how interested someone is to become an Ambassador for your brand by asking a question during the application process. When Ambassadors open up the app and apply for a brand, the text application will pop up before they are able to submit their application to the brand.

When you open up your dashboard and go to the 'New Ambassador Applications' section, hover above the "attachment" on a profile to view the text application. This appears above the profile and shows you the Ambassadors answer to your question.

How to tell if the Ambassador has been invited by another Ambassador?

The Ambassadors on the app are encouraged to invite their friends who they think will be a good fit for a brand. The Ambassador can create a team member link in their profile page or through an 'Invite friends' mission. If one of their friends/followers join through that link they will be in the persons team.

You can see if an applicant is already a team member of one of your Ambassadors as it will show their profile picture in the left corner.

💡 You can click into the Ambassadors page by clicking on the image

How can you have more control?

Own Ambassadors: We want to give you the power to bring on your own champions on board to represent your brand. This is done through using your own invitation link to invite people outside of Brandbassador to join and become your Ambassador.
You can find this link by selecting the settings option on the side of the dashboard options. The invitation link is then found under the brands detail section by scrolling down.

With all the tools and features provided, you are equipped with everything you need to make an informed decision on selecting Ambassadors.

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