Tracking Links are links generated for each specific Ambassador that allow them to earn commission on sales made via their link. An Ambassador will share their link with friends and followers and each sale made through their link will be attributed to their account. 

💡 Tracking Links do not offer a discount on the sale (like a discount code) but allows your Ambassadors to earn commission on sales. 

To learn more about discount codes, click here!

1. Head over to your Settings 

2. Click on the Sales & Discounts tab

3. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to find the 'Tracking Links' settings and switch the toggle on! 

Additionally tracking links can be generated for specific missions. These links can apply to your brand's entire web shop or a specific product. 

By allowing the tracking link to track sales made from anywhere on the web shop, you can easily monitor the mission's performance. 

Alternatively, by choosing to create tracking links for a specific product, Ambassadors will be encouraged to promote their link and generate sales for a particular item on your web shop!

💡 Specific product tracking links can be great for new releases or products your brand would like to focus on. 

To learn how to enable tracking links for specific missions, click here.

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