Every Ambassador within your community has different strengths and talents. Some may excel at creating high quality content, others may be similar to Shakespeare when leaving comments on your posts and some will be the MVP (most valuable player) when it comes to driving sales and revenue. 

We want to ensure you are setting each Ambassador up for success so that they may excel in the area where they create most value for your brand.

To equip your best revenue generating Ambassadors with the tools necessary for success you can now provide them with higher discount codes than the rest of your community. This will reward your Ambassadors for all their hard work and enable them to drive even higher sales for your brand.

We highly recommend offering higher discount code percentages to your VIP Ambassadors at a minimum. 

This article is to show you how to do this by filtering your codes within filters/segments

Begin by clicking on the 'Settings' icon and then Sales & Discounts.

Scroll down to see "Custom discount code settings for given segment or filter" and toggle on "Enable discount codes only for below segments" and click 'Add more'.  

By clicking on the pencil icon in the right side of the table you can beginning editing your segment discount code settings. Here you can choose the segment and the discount code percentage. 

💡Please note, that all parameters for these code are set in Discount Code Settings e.g. number of days valid, number of times the code can be used, number of codes created per week and the prefix.

If you would like to use a new filter/segment for a custom discount code please create a saved filter/segment in the Ambassador dashboard. 

You can add as many segments/filters as you would like but if an Ambassador falls into the same two segments, they will always be attributed a code from the first in the list. 

Your Ambassadors will not know they have a different discount code and will generate the code within the app as normal. These are the steps your Ambassador must take to create a code:

  1. Click into your brand page.

  2. Click the green "Discount code" button .

  3. Enter the code they would like to create (This may be a generic code for brands which do not offer custom codes).

  4. Click "Share Discount Code With Friends" to copy their code to their clipboard and starting sharing!

The discount code details shown at the last step is written in your settings above the custom discount code section. 

💡If your Ambassador is not in any of the segments then they will not be able to generate a code for your brand. 

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