If you have integrated your webshop Brandbassador allows you to give your ambassadors the privilege to create their own customised discount codes to share and generate revenue for your brand, and for you to automatically track revenue and pay commissions to the relevant ambassador for sales generated.

Under Settings > Sales & Discounts > Discount Code Settings you can control the parameters of these discount codes to make sure the discount codes created fit your brands' needs and policy.

If you have not integrated your webshop, but manually upload your codes, please note that new codes will need to be created with the desired settings. For more information on manually uploaded codes, please click here.

Now we have a lot of brands on Brandbassador who have different polices and so we cannot create blanket rules because they just wouldn’t work for everyone. So instead we equip you with the tools you need to maintain your own brand policies. So with discount codes it’s super important that you understand and think about your discount code settings. Brandbassador cannot be held accountable or return any commission for sales made through your ambassadors codes.

So let's check out what the options in Discount Code Settings mean:

1. Discount Percentage

Discount percentage refers to the percentage off the total value of a product excluding shipping. When an ambassador created a discount code is the % off this discount code will give in your webshop

Keep in mind that your ambassadors should be proud of being a part of your brand community, and proud to share this discount to their friends and fans. Therefore it is important that this discount is the highest offer available. If an ambassador gives a personalised discount code to a friend, but the friend got a better offer on your site, you are risking to lose that ambassador. We have also found that ambassadors are generally incentivised by giving away higher discounts than a higher commission. Note that you can change this at any time, and it is easy to run campaigns like 'extra high discount this weekend only' to boost sales.

💡We believe in making sure your Ambassadors have a great, exclusive Brandbassador experience! To create this experience for your Ambassadors, please always ensure that they have a higher discount than those offered in site-wide sales or campaigns! 

2. Days Discount Code Should Be Valid For 

The number entered into this field sets the number of days a code is valid from the moment it is created. It would always expire at 11:59pm at the time-zone your webshop is set to on the last day. So if you set 7 days and a code is created 1st Jan at 4pm this code will expire at 11:59pm on the 7th Jan.

You might want control of active discount codes out there, and a great way to gain control is to limit the days would you like a discount code to be active from your ambassadors create the code before it is automatically invalidated. If you are careful with distributing discount codes a shorter time period will limit the risk of distribution. Remember that ambassadors can create new codes on the app at any time, and the life of a social post is rarely longer than 48 hours, so a normal setting here is 3-7 days.

3. Times Code Can Be Used In Web Shop 

The number entered into this field sets the number of times the code can be used before it stops being tracked in your web shop and through our platform. If your brand is fully integrated, the discount code will also no longer be valid after this time.

You might want to limit the amount of customer who gets a discounts or the sales ambassadors can generate. Here you can set the number of times each of the discount codes created can be used. A lower number here works well with a higher percentage discount, i.e. '30% off website.com for the first 10'

Limiting the number of times your code can be used can also limit the distribution of your discount codes if your brands' policy restricts this.  Again, Brandbassador cannot be held accountable or return any commission for sales made through your ambassadors codes so this is a great way to limit high volume of sales from any given code if that is something you would like to prevent from happening.

4. How Many Codes Users Can Create Per Week

You may choose to limit the number of times an Ambassador can create a discount code in a week. This will make monitoring codes and their usage much easier! If you would like exclusivity and your ambassadors to be considerate before creating and sharing codes you can limit the amount of codes they are allowed to create per week. This creates scarcity, and you will find your ambassadors being more considerate.

5. Discount Code Prefix 

You then have the option to add a prefix to all codes that are created through Brandbassador so if you want to be able to easily identify all Brandbassador codes in your e-commerce system, you can add a prefix here.

If you choose to add a prefix, I would highly recommend using two characters or less so that your discount codes don’t become super long.

In addition, if you choose this, it means your ambassadors will not be able to create completely custom codes as they will have to begin with your set prefix.

 An example of this may be "BB", meaning my code could be "BBMAEVE"! 

6. Discount Details

The information populated into this field is sent to Ambassadors once they withdraw a code. This allows you to state any brand policy you may have on discount codes. For example, you may ask that your Ambassadors don't share their codes on Facebook. You should also inform your ambassadors here if their codes won’t work on sales items or if their codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other codes. Whatever your guideline, let your ambassadors know. 

We highly recommend you keep your discount code settings up to date and in accordance with your brand policy at all times.   

Please note, if for any reason you want sales to stop tracking for a particular code before the expiry date or before the ‘times code can be used in webshop’ is reached, you will need to deactivate the code through your own webshop.

Discount Code Settings For Specific Filters And Segments

You can also create discount codes for segments, meaning different Ambassadors can have different discount code settings! This allows you to give VIPs a more exclusive discount! To learn more about discount codes for specific segments and filters, please click here.

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