Paying your Ambassadors commission is a great way to reward them for generating sales by sharing their Discount Codes and Tracking Links. 

You can adjust the percentages at any time by clicking into the respective boxes and editing the numbers set.

Higher commission incentivises more sales and revenue. You can also run short campaigns and send you ambassador a group message like 'This weekend only - double commission!'

What is commission?

Commission is a percentage of the total order value that is rewarded to the Ambassador for generating the sale. The amount rewarded to the Ambassador is paid from your Commission Guarantee Account. Learn more about your Commission Guarantee Account here!

Commission percentages can be set to each Ambassador level. We highly recommend rewarding higher level Ambassadors with a higher commission. Click here to learn more about Ambassador levels.

Though commission per level is set between 4% to 7% as default, these percentages can be changed dependant on your brand's priorities!

💡 Higher commission means a greater incentive for Ambassadors to promote their codes and links!

Commission and Sales Teams

When ambassadors send their referral link to people they know, if they join through that link, they will become part of that ambassador's Sales Team.

Ambassadors will earn 20% commission of whatever their team's commission is. Therefore if a team member earns $10 in commission, the Sales Team Leader will earn $2. Click here to learn more about Sales Teams.

Where is commission in the app?

For Ambassadors, commission can be seen:

1. In their Profile page, under the sales that the sales tab.

2. In your brand page (above the Discount Code or Tracking Link buttons). Ambassadors will be able to locate your brand page through clicking into their "My Brands" tab.

3. In the "About" section on your brand page. This can be located by going into the "Brands" tab and selecting the "My Brands" section, then selecting the brand page and clicking the "About" tab. 

4. On your brand tile. When clicking into the "Brands" tab and selecting "My Brands" your brand tile will display the commission range in the bottom right corner. 

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