When you join Brandbassador one of the first steps is to link your social media accounts to our platform. This will allow Ambassadors to check out your social media accounts on your brand page of the app before applying, giving them further information and insight into your brand. 

It also means you can create missions which link directly to your posts easily from the app and automatically publish your social boost missions whenever you post awesome content. 

To link your social media accounts to Brandbassador, please follow these steps:
(Please note linking your Snapchat account varies slightly - please scroll down for further information on how to link Snapchat). 

You can also add multiple accounts to each social by re-clicking the social icon after connecting the first one and repeating the steps below.

  1. Click the settings tab in the navigation bar on the let hand side of the platform

You need to be a Super Admin to be able to access the settings page. 

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to "Link your social media accounts"

3. Choose which social media account you would like to link and click on the icon. If it is already linked it will show as coloured. 

To link your brands social media account, you will need to have the log in information or an account admin. Please make sure you are not logged into your personal account otherwise this may link instead!

4. Once you have clicked on an icon, a pop up page will appear inviting you to log in. Please log in to your social media account. If already logged in, you are all done 🎉.

5. If you are linking a Facebook brand page which is connected to your personal account, you will need to select "Edit settings".

6. You should now see the your brands page under "All pages" - make sure this is selected and click Next.

7. The page will now close and you should see a 'Success' notification in the platform. If you do not see this please contact support using the chat function. 

Now that your social media accounts are linked this allows you to create social boost missions in the Mission Maker.

Your Ambassadors will also be able to see your social accounts linked in the Brand About page of the app. Once they click on the icons they will be automatically redirected to your site and can check out all your awesome content!

Linking Snapchat varies slightly to the above so please follow the below steps:

  1. Click into your settings and scroll down to the bottom to "Link your social media accounts"

2. Click the Snapchat icon and a pop up page will appear asking you to enter your Snapchat username and number of followers

3. Once entered, select "Link with Snapchat account" and you should see a success notification in the top right corner. To show your Snapchat is now linked 🎉

If you accidentally link the wrong account and need to relink a new account, this can easily be done by repeating the above steps. 

We highly recommend you link any social account that you intend to activate your Ambassadors on or wish to grow.

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