Instagram has decided to remove likes from their posts to crack down on bought likes/followers and encourage authentic engagement.

Therefore, this means that when clicking into your Ambassadors posts you cannot see the exact number of likes they have received. Instead it will round the numbers up to "millions"/"thousands"/"hundreds".

What does this mean for my Ambassadors engagement missions? 

At Brandbassador we use an API link to track the engagement of posts. As your Ambassadors link their Instagram to the app, this tracks through their accounts internally. Meaning we will still be able to track the exact number of likes on an Instagram post 🎉🎉 . You are now in a much better position then brands who don't work with Brandbassador as you can still track engagements.

How can I verify Ambassadors posts?

We track the posts so you don't have to 😊. Our system automatically detects the likes and will update the submission tiles to ensure your Ambassadors are receiving the correct reward. You can still click into the post from the mission tile to check out the content and see the average number of likes your Ambassador has received.

What does this mean for "Like Our Post" missions?

Although likes on your posts are no longer shown, it's still important to get likes! The more likes you get the higher chance the post will be viewed by more people due to the Instagram algorithm. It's vital to get these likes in within the first few hours to ensure your post stays at the top! So we recommend still publishing "Like our post" missions.

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