The amazing benefit of Brandbassador is being able to seamlessly approve UGC (User Generated Content) for your brand. As well as any other awesome missions you have created. However, it can happen when you are clicking away responding to submissions that you accidentally reject a great submission. It happens to the best of us.

Not to worry though! The Ambassadors can always resubmit for the mission after being rejected. All you need to do is message the Ambassador, explain the error and ask them to resubmit. 

Once they resubmit, it will show up again in your pending submissions and will show "Resubmission - see previous comments". By clicking on the previous comments you can see why you originally rejected the Ambassador. 

💡Please note, once the mission has ended or archived the Ambassador will no longer be able to resubmit. 

If you reject the request to do a mission, this cannot be reverted. The Ambassador will no longer be to take part in your mission. If you really want them to take part, we suggest creating a new mission for them to be able to take part 😊

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