The Brand Details section is your chance to use your brands tone of voice to really show case what your brand embodies. It's your chance to communicate the true DNA of your Brand so all of your ambassadors can know exactly what your brand is all about. The Video Youtube URL, gives you another medium to utilise to effectively communicate your brand ethos.  

What is the Video Youtube URL and where do my ambassadors see it?
The Video Youtube URL allows you to embed a video to your 'About' page on the Brandbassador app that your ambassadors can easily watch to get a feel of what your brand is all about. See below what it will look like for you ambassadors in the app.

Why should I add a Video Youtube URL?
A video introduction is a fun way to really showcase what your brand is all about. Text can only go so far to communicate your brand personality but a video makes this easy. Your ambassadors will easily be able to truly understand your brand DNA without even leaving your brand page. Ultimately, Ambassadors who truly understand your brand have a special relationship with your brand and will be able to promote your brand in the best way possible. 

What video should I add?
We recommend choosing a video that encapsulates the true essence of your brand. A video that communicates the key things about your brand and what being an ambassador for your brand would mean.

For example, Onepiece wanted to communicate that their ambassador programme is all about chillin' out and having a good time all while being super comfy in a Onepiece. So, they chose fun playful video that communicates just that and nothing more!

Where can I find my Embed link?
If you want to embed a YouTube video, you can find the link by going to the video and clicking on the 'Share' button. Then click on the 'Embed' button and copy just the YouTube link as in the video and paste it into your Brandbassador admin brand details. 

Good Job! You've now up'ed your account game by adding a video to your about section and for that you deserve a cookie! 🍪

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