The Brandbassadors on the app will check out your brand page before they decide whether to apply. It is very important to showcase your brand to attract new awesome Ambassadors. They want to be able to see what your brand is about and whether you will be a good fit for them.

To make it as easy as possible for Ambassadors to review your brand, we suggest including a website link in your Brand page. This is easily added in Settings > Brand details. 

Your website will be used as a placeholder for your web shop in several places of the app as well as a stem for your ambassadors Tracking Links. Most notably the link will be shown in your Brand page in the app.

💡 If you would like to add your own Google Analytics parameters to the tracking links this is where that's done. It will include the GA parameters in your tracking links for you to easily see the click rate from tracking links on Brandbassador.

To give you a chance to give a personal story of your brand and why the Ambassadors should join, you should add an "About section". There is no set number of words this should be but it is important to keep it concise and cover the essentials so Ambassadors can easily read up on your Ambassador vision. 

💡The preview app brand page and cover image is a feature we are developing and will be released shortly. In the meantime, you can always check out your Brand page by registering on the app and signing up for your brand through an Own Ambassador link.

You can also add a Youtube URL link here to a video for more information on your brand. 

Please note, the email and phone number entered will not be available on the app and simply used for your Brandbassador account. 

In the Brand details section of settings you can also add a brand hashtag. This will be used in your Social Boost and Template Missions. Instead of having to manually write in your brand hashtag for each mission, you can save time by adding it once here. 


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