It is important your choose your Ambassadors carefully to ensure you have the perfect community promoting your brand. However, you may decide certain Ambassadors are no longer a good fit.

Blocking them on Brandbassador will mean they lose all their gift card rewards they have worked hard to earn. Therefore, instead you can simply remove them as an Ambassador.

By removing an Ambassador, they will no longer be able to collaborate with your brand but they will have 7 days to withdraw any remaining gift cards.

Here is a step by step guide on how to remove your ambassadors

1. Click into your Ambassadors page from the navigation bar on the left side of Brandbassador

2. Scroll down to your Ambassador tiles

3. Select which Ambassadors you would like to remove and click "Remove" 

4. You will need to enter an explanation into why you would like to remove your Ambassadors. This will be viewed by the Ambassador, alerting them of being blocked

5. Click "Confirm" and its done 😃

You can choose whether the Ambassador can re-apply to your brand. For example, if you decide you would only like to work with Ambassadors with over 3k followers. Simply explain to the Ambassador why you are removing them and requesting they reapply once they fit into your parameters. 

Example of a good rejection message:

Thank you for collaborating with our brand!

We appreciate the hard work you have done as our Ambassador. We have made changes to our Ambassador criteria and unfortunately will be ending our collaboration with you here. So have decided to end the relationship here. Good luck with all your future collaborations!

The Ambassadors will then receive an email with the reason for removal as well as a notification in their profile page.

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