Money talks 💸💸

This tile in the Main Dashboard shows you the current total available reward balance. Hover over the tab to see a breakdown of your finances. You can even click most of the drop down options to get a more in-depth analysis of your finance information.

From this deep view you can gain further insights into your finances and the performance of your community. Within this page you can also export all data to make creating reports quick and easy!

  • Balance Expiring - Your monthly reward budget expiring this month. Click here to find out more about your expiring reward budget.

  • Cash Rewards - Total amount of cash rewards you have given to your ambassadors for completing missions. This is clickable meaning that you can export this data:

  • Gift Card Rewards - Total amount of gift card credit that you have rewarded your ambassadors. 💡This total refers to the amount of gift card credit rewarded to Ambassadors. This amount may not have been withdrawn, and still be in the Ambassador's gift card account for your brand.

  • Gift Cards Used - The total number of gift cards that have been withdrawn by your Ambassadors and used your brand webshop.

  • Free Product Rewards - Total number of freebie rewards given to your ambassadors.

  • Discount Codes - Total number of discount codes created by your ambassadors.

  • Sales - Total number of sales tracked through the platform from discount codes and tracking links.

  • Discount Code Revenue - Total amount of revenue made through discount codes.

  • Tracking Link Revenue - Total amount of revenue made through tracking links.

  • Ambassador Cash Commission - Total amount of commission your ambassadors have earned through generating sales.

  • Gift Card Sales Revenue - The revenue that has been generated from additional spend on gift card sales. For example, if an Ambassador withdraws a $10 gift card and spends $15, we will track through the $5 extra spent.

  • Gift Card Withdrawals - Total amount of gift card credit ambassadors have withdrawn to use in your webshop.

  • Unpaid invoices - The total of any money owed to Brandbassador.


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