On the missions tab there are three tiles; Missions, Amount to Expire and Submissions. 

Missions - Total number of missions you have created on the platform. If you hover over this tile you can see a breakdown of all the mission status's. Such as live, inactive, suspended etc. 

Submissions - Total number of mission submissions you have received from your ambassadors

Amount to Expire - This is the total amount of cash in your reward budget that will be expiring at the end of the current month. You have a period of 3 months to spend any Monthly Minimum Reward Budget before it expires.

For example, if your Minimum Monthly Reward Budget is $1000 and topped up on 1st January, and you only spend $700 in January and February, on 1st March it will say $300 under amount to expire, which will expire on 1st April unless spent.

To ensure you do not lose this money make sure you are creating new missions including ones with high-value rewards and choosing cash over gift card rewards.  (This will also keep your ambassadors engaged with your brand on the app 😉)

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