'Leave a Review' missions are a really effective way to get ambassadors to leave positive reviews about your products online, however, there are certain ways we recommend you handle and create these missions to make the submissions as strong as possible.

Firstly, a great way to make sure that these reviews are authentic is to make sure the person making your review owns and has used your product. To solve this, we recommend either making these missions as Freebie missions (meaning you deliver the product to the ambassador prior) and their repayment is leaving the review. 

Secondly, the best way to make sure that these reviews are spread out across time, so the reviews are not all from the same day/week, this leads to making them look unauthentic. Accept ambassadors to complete your freebie review mission slowly, over a matter of months, so these reviews are sporadic. 

Thirdly, we suggest that the brand should not explicitly do not tell the ambassador what to write in their review, instead, give them vague but directing guidelines such as 'leave a positive review' or 'comment on the your favourite thing about your *FREEBIE*'. This ensures you get well rounded and different positive reviews. 

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