Bonus points are a free reward metric, they cost you absolutely nothing.

They were created to allow you to ask your ambassadors to complete very simple missions such as 'Like us on Facebook', 'Follow us on Instagram', etc. free of charge.

You will notice that there is a maximum of 300 bonus points. This is because it is a reward for only very basic missions and should not be relied upon. Any missions such as 'comment on our Insta post', post on Instagram, Facebook share, etc. should be rewarded with one of the other reward types to show your ambassadors you value the work they do for you.

They were also designed to gamify the platform for the ambassadors. The incentive fro them to complete bonus points missions is that they need set amounts of bonus points to move up the levels on the platform.

See the 'What are Brandbassador levels' article for more info. 

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