After listening to feedback from Ambassadors and the brands we partner with we have decided to revamp the logic of our Code Drop feature.

We have made the decision to move away from emphasising the number of codes “grabbed” and instead focus on the “sales made” per drop.

The example below shows the default discount for a Code Drop which is 60%. The only difference here is the “Total Number of Sales” drop down. This will be set to 5 by default and will increase automatically to 10, when the initial Code Drop you create is successful and 5 sales are made!

In the future, if you create another Code Drop and successfully generate 10 sales, it will increase automatically to 15 and so on.

The biggest difference when using this new logic is the amount of codes that you will need to upload. We believe that if you want to make 5 sales, you should upload at least 50 codes. This will allow 50 ambassadors to grab your code, giving you 10x the chance of making those 5 sales.

An important note to consider here is that you have full control over how long you want the codes to be valid for. Hence, you can set the codes to expire within 48 hours automatically or bulk delete these codes once you have generated the number of sales you wanted to make.

The Code Drop mission will track all of the sales generated. This means that even if the default is 5 but your community is extremely engaged and 18 sales were made, all 18 sales will be tracked and you will be able to monitor the codes used and which Ambassador used it.

Once you successfully create and publish a Code Drop mission, the image below showcases what Ambassadors will see. As highlighted previously, the number of codes available for Ambassadors to grab will no longer be showcased.

Instead, the focus is on how many products you have available to sell. Hence, when a sale is made, the 5/5 will decrease to 4/5 and so on. Therefore, focusing more on the urgency and impulse to make a sale rather than the act of grabbing a code.

We hope you found this helpful and best of luck with your next Code Drop!

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