If you wish to create value for your brand through ambassador marketing inviting your customers, followers and fans to join your community is the crucial first step. Harnessing the power of 'word of mouth' marketing begins with one simple step:


Activation is the process of reaching out to your customers, followers and fans to invite them to sign up to your community and become an Ambassador for your brand. These Ambassadors will then generate value for your brand through creating content, brand awareness, social buzz and revenue online.

There are many exciting ways to activate your best customers, followers and fans to join your community from posting on your social channels to announce your Ambassador program, building a special landing page or adding a link to your order confirmation email. Click here to download our handy activation planner template to help you plan yours.

Without a doubt the most effective form of activation in the beginning is through a customer newsletter. This is the easiest way to gain ambassadors who already love your brand and own your products.

During your first few days it is important to begin planning and creating a dedicated newsletter to send to your customer base. The newsletter should be visually pleasing and list the benefits of becoming an ambassador for your brand such as the ability to get insider information before anyone else, earn cash, free product and so much more!

To ensure you have a high sign up rate we highly recommend getting creative in promoting your ambassador community through your customer newsletter. Building a meaningful connection with your online community doesn’t happen by accident. It takes thought, planning and time.

The call to action should be very clear on your newsletter and will include your unique Invitation Link which your Onboarding Specialist will show you how to create during your first session. Once clicked this link allows your customers to sign up to become an Ambassador for your brand.

We highly recommend you come to the first session having discussed your newsletter activation internally e.g. who will create it, when can it be scheduled etc. so that you can finalise plans in the kick off call.

Below are some awesome examples of the copy brands used to recruit through their newsletter. To learn about other forms of activation click on our Ultimate Guide To Ambassador Marketing.


Ambassadors Wanted!

We are looking for Ambassadors from around the world to represent [YOUR BRAND].

By being a [YOUR BRAND] Ambassador you will have the opportunity to earn cash, free product and so much more!

If you would like exclusive access to apply to our new Ambassador programme and have over [X} followers, head to {insert link}

We can’t wait to see you there!

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