If you a have a product or collection that is on sale and you do not want your ambassadors discount codes generated through the app to apply to these sale items, here's how you can prevent it.

Step 1.
Open your Shopify Admin and go to your Products page

Step 2.
Select the product you would like to discount and under pricing set the:

> 'Compare at price' to the original price of the product e.g. $29.00
> 'Price' to your desired discounted amount e.g. $25.00
Note: As we'll be giving an extra $0.01 off later to round off the total you can make this value $0.01 less if you like e.g. $24.99 so the total end discount will be $25.00

Once done, then click 'Save'

Step 3.
Now go to your 'Discounts' tab

Step 4.
Click 'Create Discount Code', select 'Automatic Discount' and enter a title for your automatic discount code e.g. 'Extra'
Note: The title entered here will be visible at checkout

Step 5.
Under 'Type' select 'Fixed amount'

Step 6.
Under 'Value' enter 0.01 and under 'Applies to' select your chosen product or collection

Step 7.
Set your desired 'Minimum purchase amount' and click 'Save'.

That's it, you're done! Now when some tries to checkout a sale item they will be able to see the sale while browsing. Once applied to the checkout, the automatic discount ($0.01) will automatically apply itself and this will prevent the ambassador being able to use their discount code on this product.

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