As you know follower 'engagement' (e.g likes, shares, views and comments) is of upmost importance when utilising social media marketing. The most simple task to boost engagement is 'Liking a post', as it can be done with a quick double click!

'Likes' are not just how many little red hearts appear on your notification screen, in fact they are crucial for a post to appear on IG user feeds and to beat the demanding algorithm that is in place on the platform. The higher the likes your post gets, the higher it ranks on the Instagram feed.

This is why we suggest making use of missions to boost likes from your ambassadors and reward them for their help in accelerating your social engagement. A 'Like a post' mission is effortless for you to create and is super straightforward for your ambassador community to complete. These are also great missions to share with new ambassadors as they start their journey with your brand!

This type of mission would be considered an 'Engagement' mission. So you have 2 options how to create it in the mission in the Mission Maker.

  1. Mission Maker > From Scratch

Simply choose the 'Social Media' option and then 'Instagram'.

After this you will need to chose the 'Action' as 'Like a post', upload the url to the Instagram post that you would like to be featured in the mission and click 'Complete'.

You can then complete the rest mission as normal by choosing a Reward (for these missions we would suggest a low cash reward as per example), write a short and simple Description for ambassadors, choose your Audience and click 'Complete'.

2. Mission Maker > Engagement

The other way to create this mission is to use our example missions in the Mission Maker. This is done by clicking on the 'Engagement' option and scrolling to find a 'Like an Instagram post' mission in the examples.

Choosing to make the mission this way just means that most parts of the mission are already completed for you. You will only need to:

A - Add the url link to your Instagram post

B - Change the reward if needed

C - Edit the description and image to fit your brand

Once you hit publish your ambassadors will be directed to your Instagram post through the mission to like it, boost your Instagram engagement and quickly get your post higher on the feed!

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