Sending notifications to your missions audience is a simple and effective way to bring attention to your newest mission and also to boost your ambassador engagement.

In addition, once a push notification is sent it allows you to check the 'Notification Statistics' to see how many ambassadors it has reached. It's a win win for both brands and ambassadors and we couldn't of made it any easier for you to do!

These notifications are also a great way for you to show your ambassadors how engaged you are on the platform. If you would like to start sending push notifications to your ambassadors you will need to toggle ON 'Send Notification to Audience' in 'Action Type Settings' - 'Advanced Settings'.

Please note once this is toggled ON you will not be able to change it once the mission is published.

Once your ambassador audience receives this notification they will be able to open the app directly from the push notification and from there they will be directed straight to the mission.

Alternatively, you can send your ambassadors an invitation to join the mission manually that will also allow you to send a push notification. This can be done by going onto the ambassador's profile and clicking Options > Invite to Mission > Select mission > Send Notification.

Once you have complete this step make sure to select 'Send Notification' and the ambassador will be notified the same way!

You can find your 'Notification Statistics' in 'Options' on the mission page. These statistics include: Notifications Sent, Successfully Delivered, Failed and Pending Delivery. So you can keep track of your notifications quick and easy!

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