Our development team are continuously working hard to ensure that the best possible features and updates are available for you! To make sure you get the most value out of your Ambassador community we want to share some of these with you!


Segment URL shown on Ambassador tile in New Applications!

To help easily streamline and identify where your ambassadors have come from, when they sign up through a segment URL link, you'll now see the segment name displayed on the Ambassadors application tile in the "New Applications" section. So you no longer have to click the " + " button to see.

Bulk Deletion of Requests and Awaiting Submissions!

This improvement is a time saver! You will now be able to bulk delete requests and awaiting submissions for freebie missions.

💡 Keep in mind that if the freebie mission has pending submissions and/or processing submissions, you will not be able to successfully archive this mission without doing the necessary steps first.

App Page Links in Mission Maker!

To make it even easier for ambassadors to navigate through your missions and around the app, you can now add app page links in the mission description in the mission maker.

For example if in your missions you remind the ambassador to add their discount code, you could add a link to your Brand Page in the mission description so they can quickly and easily create their discount code!

When adding a link just click on the "Add link to an app page", select the page you want and then click the "Add Link to Page" button 🎉

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