Over the last few weeks our development team have been hard at work creating and implementing new features and updates! To allow you to get the most value out of your Ambassador community we want to share a few of these new features and updates with you!


Activating your customers, followers and fans to join your community is the key to success. With that in mind we have moved all the tools and features to help you invite people to your community under a tab called 'Activate'

Own Ambassador invitation links have also had a glow up and have been moved under the "Activate" tab in settings. You will now be able to create segment URLs with cool NEW settings such as:

  1. Do not accept applications without a profile picture
  2. Auto approve ambassadors signing up through this URL
  3. Do not accept applications from private instagram accounts
  4. Ambassadors must submit a text application
  5. Custom welcome text on the URL landing page
  6. Send ambassador directly to a mission when entering the app

πŸ’‘Please note:

  • 'Do not accept applications without profile picture', when ON and the ambassador applies through this segment URL without a profile picture, a notification will pop-up asking them to add a profile photo. Once they have added one, they can go through the same link again and their profile will be sent to you to review.
  • 'Do not accept applications from private Instagram accounts', when ON if they have a private instagram a notification will pop-up letting the ambassador know they will need a public Instagram to apply. They can apply through this same link once their Instagram is public.
  • The parameters set in this segment URL will override any standard settings you have set in "Ambassador application settings".
  • The Old Ambassador Invitation link (not connected to a segment) will still work however will not be accessible in settings, therefore we would suggest creating creating new segment URL links.

Integration Testing!

As an Admin User, you will now be able to select which web-shop you want to test to check if your Integration is working. You will then be able to create gift card codes and discount codes directly to the selected web-shop and test whether the sales made with these codes are tracking successfully!

This is what it should look like when both are tracked successfully:

This video below explains the process in full:

Match Product to Customer

Match Product to Customer has had a revamp! It has been moved and improved for a better User experience! πŸŽ‰

Here is short video tutorial showcasing this:

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