The E-mail lists feature was created to enable you to make targeted missions and activation towards your existing customers.

For example you can use this for everyone who has placed more than 2 orders in your webshop or you could create a filter from your customer e-mail list and call it “Customers”. When your customers apply to become your ambassador with the same email address registered on your webshop and you approve their application, they will be added to the list.

This is how you do it;

  1. From your webshop or CRM export the emails of everyone who has placed more than 2 orders from your webshop or CRM.
  2. Go to the ambassadors dashboard > open the advanced filter at the top right > add a filter > select "E-mail lists" > click "add or edit an email list"
  3. You will see a pop up box where you can download a template and enter the email addresses in. Once you have done this you can upload the csv file by clicking on "Add new list"

4. Any lists that have been made will appear here. You can add more emails by clicking on the "+", edit the name of the list by clicking on the pencil icon or delete the list by clicking on the bin icon.

5. To apply this list and see ambassadors who have signed up and match any of these emails you can click on the list in the drop down and click apply.

You can then send out a newsletter to tell these customers that they can apply as an ambassador and engage in those special missions.

Any of your ambassadors who register to Brandbassador with the same email address will be added to your chosen list once you accept them.

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