What is a saved filter?

A "saved filter" is when several filters are grouped together and given a name. This can be useful when identifying your most active, highest reach or engaged Ambassadors.

Why would I need to update a saved filter?

You have saved a filter. Let's call it "VIP".

VIPs are Ambassadors with a Reach of 1,000 on Instagram and a 10% Engagement Rate.

However, as your community grows, you may change what it takes to be a VIP.

Now, you want the "VIP" to be your Ambassadors with a Reach of over 10,000 on Instagram and a 5% Engagement Rate.

What shall we do? Update the filter! Let's go...

How do I update a saved filter?

To update your filter, follow these steps:

1. Go to your Ambassador Dashboard

2. Open up your filters

3. Find the saved filter you want to change

4. Click this filter and apply it to your Ambassador Dashboard

5. Open your filters again and see the information is populated

6. Make any edits you would like to the filters

7. Click Update

8. That's it! You have updated your saved filter

💡If updating your Brandbassador filter, this will also affect the filter applied in Settings. Any edits made to this filter will change the Brandbassadors you are visible to!


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