You can't spell success without ROI .. OK so that obviously isn't true but the ROI is one way to help track success so there!

The return on investment you receive from Brandbassador shows from the money you put into managing the platform how much you are gaining. We want to make it super easy for you to track your results and ROI on Brandbassador. So we do all the hard part with in-built algorithms and provide you with an easy and clear definitive number.

The ROI dashboard is located in the Finance page in settings.

The dashboard consists of three tiles:

  • Total revenue
  • Total cost
  • Return on investment (ROI)

Total Revenue

It might seem obvious but this shows the total amount of revenue you have generated through Brandbassador. The revenue is generated by your Ambassadors using discount codes and tracking links. Any time a sale is made through a code/link we will track the sale to provide the Ambassador with commission and add to the running total of your earnings. As well as the cash earnings from gift card sales.

💡 We also include the revenue generated from social buzz value below the total number. Please click HERE for more information on the social buzz value.

If you hover over the tile, it will show a further breakdown from where the sales derived from:

Total cost

Again it might seem obvious but this tile shows the total amount of cash you have spent on Brandbassador. This will include the subscription fee for the software, cash in missions and commission for sales.

💡We also show the total cost if included gift card code rewards and freebie costs (this will need to be entered when creating create your mission in the Mission Maker)

If you hover over the tile it will show a breakdown of where the costs have gone to on the platform:

You will be able to "edit gross margin" for your products in the tile which will help calculate a more accurate ROI based off your product margins. This will be set as 75% unless edited.

Return on Investment (ROI)

This shows the calculation of how much cash you are putting into Brandbassador compared to the cash you are getting out. For example, if you spent $1000 collectively across paying missions, commission and your subscription fee and your Ambassadors generated $1000 in revenue the ROI would be 100%. Anything above 100% means you are generating more than you are putting in.

💡 We also show you the ROI calculation when included social buzz, gift card spend and freebie cost below the main number. Based on your success criteria and goals you may see these numbers switched.

How do we calculate the ROI?

We calculate the ROI automatically using the Total cost and Total revenue generated.

(Total cost / Total revenue) x 100 = ROI %

This number will change frequently based on the spend and revenue you generated. Although if you are consistent with engagement for your Ambassadors the changes shouldn't be drastic.

How often does the dashboard update?

The cache and cookies on your computer are refreshed every 24 hours, however you can force update your dashboard by hitting the refresh button above the tiles.

Can I export my sales and revenue information?

Yes, absolutely! You can export the information on your cost and revenue by clicking on the "Export" button above the tiles. Depending on when you have been granted access to this page, you will be able to filter the timespan of your export using the filter on the right side of the export button.

💡The file will be exported into a csv. file which should either be opened in the raw format or on a google sheets doc for best results.

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