Ayy you have now completed your integration! I am so proud of you *wipes away tear*. The final step is to test your integration to ensure it is all working smoothly!

1. As an ambassador on the Brandbassador App go to your brands brand page and click the green button 'Tracking Link' to reveal your tracking link.

💡 If you can't see the green button 'Tracking Link' go to Brandbassador Admin > Settings > Sales & Discounts and enable tracking link on the bottom and click Save. Then refresh the page in the Brandbassador app and the button will appear.

2. Complete a purchase by entering your webshop through the tracking link and complete the purchase in the same session.

3. If your sale is tracked in your Brandbassador Admin Dashboard then it's all working as it should!

If no sale is tracked please repeat the process over again. If it still does not work please examine whether you have any other scripts that might be hindering the tracking pixel from firing.

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