Now you have completed step 1 and 2 you are well on your way to have your Ambassadors creating tracking links and generating revenue! This next step will activate you tracking links to be saved in on your website.

  1. Firstly, copy the script below:
<script>(function(){var BBV="1.0.0";var getUrlParameter=function(sParam){var sPageURL=decodeURIComponent(,sURLVariables=sPageURL.split('&'),sParameterName,i;for(i=0;i<sURLVariables.length;i++){sParameterName=sURLVariables[i].split('=');if(sParameterName[0]===sParam){return sParameterName[1]===undefined?true:sParameterName[1]}}};var setRef=function(){try{var ref=getUrlParameter("ref");if(ref&&ref.length>0&&ref.substring(0,3)==="bb-"){localStorage.setItem("bb-ref",ref)}}catch(e){}};setRef()})();</script>

2. Now go into your Shopify admin.

3. Select "Online store" in the left hand side navigation menu

4. In the Live them, select "Actions" and "Edit code"

5. Now paste the script at the bottom of the theme.liquid right above the </body> ad click "Save"

Still need help installing your script? Check out our video here:

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