You can allow your ambassadors to share a tracking link to your webshop, and track any sales generated through customers entering your webshop through this link and making a purchase in the same session. This is not as secure tracking or incentivising for your ambassadors as discount codes, but could be useful if you are doing site-wide sales and still want your ambassadors to drive traffic.

đź’ˇ It's important to note that for a tracking link to track successfully the customer has to enter your web shop through your ambassadors tracking link and complete the purchase in the same session. Furthermore, tracking through a pixel is not as secure as discount code tracking, and can easily be blocked by other scripts you may have in your eCommerce platform. So please be aware you may have other scripts conflicting with this tracking link tracking, so make sure you test the tracking after you have implemented it. To make sure your ambassadors sales are tracked we highly recommend to focus on discount codes.

The tracking links looking something like this: This link is static and will be fixed per user - and the link is generated on Brandbassador’s side and could be 'bb-' followed by any value.

Step 1 - Get your Brand Key. Please send a message in the Live Chat and ask for your Brand key (UK hours). Once you have received your Brand Key you can proceed to Step 2.

Step 2 - Activate tracking links in your web shop

Step 3 - Install the tracking pixel in your checkout page

Step 4 - Test the tracking link tracking

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