Our development team have been hard at work creating new features for the app and fixing any issues you may have experienced. So you can make the most out of Brandbassador we want to share these new features and fixes with you!


1. You can now create your own FAQs (frequency asked questions) to be sent in the message centre to help your Ambassadors. Instead of messaging you, they can read the FAQS to find the answer to their question and receive points if they help themselves.

2. The filters and segments in the Ambassador Dashboard will no longer show on the left hand side of the Ambassador Tiles but in the Main filter (top right).

3. If your reward budget is expiring you will now receive a notification. This will appear in Notifications in the Main Dashboard.

4. Gift card code sales above the value of $0 will now track through Brandbassador as revenue. You can see these sales by hovering over the Finance tile and clicking into "sales".

🕷🕷🕷 BUGS FIXED 🕷🕷🕷

  • Issue with message not sending to Ambassadors when gift card code is approved has been fixed
  • Issue with brands not being able to approve gift card withdrawals has been fixed
  • Issue with Ambassadors not being able to sign up to brands through Own Ambassador Links has been resolved
  • Issue with individual messages with Ambassadors showing in the group message section has been resolved
  • Issue with Ambassadors not being able to use Google Login has been fixed.
  • Issue with ambassadors not being able to manually track through a missing sale when the discount code uses numerical and alphabetical digits has been resolved.

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