For this mission I want my ambassadors to run a secret sale on the products in the Onepiece product range ‘Winter Classics’. As summer approaches I want to clear some stock, but do not want to discount the products on my webshop yet. Normally my ambassadors are allowed to give 25% off discount codes to their followers - but for this specific range I want them to offer their followers 60% off. If they generate 5 sales from this secret sale, I will reward them with $100 in gift card.

So let’s see how I would do that from scratch.

So this would be a Sales Action, as I want to reward my ambassadors once 5 sales are generated.

Under Advanced Settings I find the setting ‘Upload discount codes specific to this mission’. And turn this on.

This is what will allow me to upload the 60% codes available for the Winter Classic range only. I have already created 500 of these codes in the Onepiece webshop, so I will upload them here.

Then I define the link to the Winter Classic range where these codes will work, which is also the URL the ambassadors will be told to share.

For the ambassador, they will then fetch one of these codes and the url in the mission to share to their followers - and only sales from these codes will count towards this mission. And let’s continue

As a reward I said initially we will give ambassadors Gift Card once they have achieved the 5 sales, which means per completed mission of $100 dollars to spend on My budget for this mission is 5000 gift card dollars and I will continue

As an image I have chosen this one which shows off the core design of the Winter Classics range

And I will call my mission ‘Your Onepiece Secret Sale’ which sounds a bit exclusive and mysterious.

This sale ends on 1st June, which is when we will do the public sale, so I make sure to end it by then. This mission then goes automatically offline on 1st June.

In the summary I will tell my ambassadors about the privilege they get of running their own secret sale, and I will update the description.

1. Generate your personal 60% discount code for the Winter Classics only below

2. Share the code with the link to the Onepiece Winter Classics range with your family, friends and fans to have them join the secret sale and get a great offer.

3. Once 5 sales have been on products from the Winter Classics range from a discount code from this mission, you will receive your $100 gift card reward

I will put a links to the Winter Classics range, just to be sure. And continue

I want all my ambassadors to join into this mission so I’ll go next step

I’ll review the summary, that I am happy with it all and publish the secret sale!

Now let’s see how it works for the ambassador!

This is now the secret sales mission we just created. And as you see the ambassador can now fetch the discount code in the mission. When I try to fetch this I see it is a 60% code that works for the Winter Classic product range - and I can share it to friends and followers

I will simulate a sale for this code, and you see that the ambassador now has ⅕ sales required.

Let’s now see how that shows for you as an Admin

If I go to the mission in Admin you can now see that the ambassador has joined in this mission, has generated $100 so far. And you will see on the revenue tile in the mission that a total of $100 has been generated in this mission. This tile is available for all sales missions as well as all missions that has ‘‘Upload discount codes specific to this mission’ function activated, regardless of action. That means you can track revenue generated from a specific mission even if it’s a Instagram or Snapchat mission if you upload codes like we have done with this mission.

Once 5 sales has been completed, this mission would be up for approval and I would reward the ambassador.

So go ahead and try and create yoru mission using the ‘Upload discount codes specific to this mission’ functionality. Remember it doesn’t have to be a sales mission, try and make it your own idea! Good luck!

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