For this mission Onepiece is launching a new onesie for Spring Summer, the Cargo Short jumpsuit. And I want my ambassadors to join in on the launch by giving them this onesie to show off on a Instagram Post doing a competition to their followers, and giving away one of these onesies to the winner.

Giving your ambassadors the trust and privilege to run a competition to give away a product to their followers is a great way to build strong ambassadorships. In Brandbassador we have automated this flow to allow you to have your ambassadors do such giveaways at scale.

So let’s see how that’s done in Brandbassador from scratch

As an action we want Social Media > Instagram. And here we want to choose the option Instagram Giveaway. This automated giveaway flow is available under all the Social Network actions.

The first thing I am asked them is ‘What is the giveaway?’. This is then the product your ambassadors will give out to the winner once they have completed the competition.

So we have said that to be the Cargo Short Jumpsuit, and I will paste the link to the product. I want to ‘Automatically populate giveaway code for admin’ and I have already created 50 codes in the Onepiece webshop for 50 free Cargo Short Jumpsuits with free shipping and pasted it into the template, so I will choose and upload those giveaway codes.

So when I click ‘Approve’ on an ambassadors Instagram Post submission, one of these codes will be sent to the ambassador for him or her to give to the winner of the competition.

Let’s continue

So remember how this is a newly launched product, so none of my ambassadors has it yet, and I want my ambassadors to wear the same product in the post as the one they’re giving away. So therefore I would have to ‘Deliver a product to ambassador before mission submission’, and this is the only reward for this mission.

Note that for Giveaway missions you can make the reward anything, like cash or gift card or a different freebie than the one they are giving away. However for this mission it will be the same.

As this is an Instagram post I need my Mandatory Keywords @Onepiece #OnepieceNorway and I’ll also add #giveaway and continue

Then I need to tell ambassadors what the freebie reward is, which is the same Cargo Short Jumpsuit, paste the same link and I will give them 20 days to complete this mission to allow time for them to receive the product and plan the competition, and my budget is 50 freebies for this one. That means 50 mission submissions, 50 freebies for the ambassadors and 50 given away - so totally I will end up giving away 100 onesies through this mission.

Again I want to Automatically populate freebie code for admin and I have already created another file with 50 additional codes in the Onepiece webshop for a free Cargo Short Jumpsuit and free shipping, so I will Upload these codes here. And move on.

For the image I obviously need a great image showing off the Cargo Short Jumpsuit, which is this one

And I will call this mission ‘Give away a Cargo Short Jumpsuit!’ so there is no ambiguity of what this mission is.

In the summary I will explain to them that they are getting a free product and running a competition to give our another freebie to one of their followers

If we remember the description by now, it should go something like this:

1. Request to do this mission. If approved we will send you a 100% discount code for the Cargo Short Jumpsuit.

2. Once you receive your Cargo Short jumpsuit take a great photo of you in it

3. Return to this mission and click 'Giveaway on Instagram' below and share the photo with a competition in your caption asking their followers why they should win the Cargo Short jumpsuit

4. Return to this mission to submit.

5. Once approved you will receive another 100% discount code to give the winner!

And then I’ll emphasise the rules in the terms and conditions.

This is a mission that could be scheduled ahead of launch. So you can set the Publish Date in the future if you would schedule this mission. BUt as I want to show you how it works for the ambassador, I’ll need this to go live now.

This is a mission where the audience makes sense. I am giving away 2 onesies per ambassador here, so this is a mission for only those with significant reach.

So I will filter my audience to anyone with over 1500 instagram followers. To do so I will choose Filter Audience and under Social Network choose Instagram. Then reach 1500. If I keep the ‘To’ field blank, that means anything above 1500.

I apply this filter and ‘Add Filters to Audience’ which means this mission is now visible to all my current and future ambassadors with over 1500 followers on Instagram.

And click Next Step.

I get to the Summary and just check that I am happy and publish!

Now when ambassadors request to do this mission, as an Admin I receive the request just like a normal freebie mission, I am happy with Ole completing this giveaway mission so I will approve him and see that one of the 100% off freebie codes i uploaded has been pre-populated for me to send.

Ole now shows under ‘Freebie given, awaiting mission submission’ just like on a normal freebie mission.

But what happens when Ole completes his competition on Instagram?

The submission will come through as a normal submission in the Mission Details. And if you think the competition is run the way intended, you can approve the submission - and you will get the pop-up to send the give away code for the prize for the ambassador so he or she can give to the winner. Here you will see one of the giveaway codes I uploaded is already pre populated.

Once I click approve, and if we go back and see what the ambassador sees. You see that I have received a notification with the giveaway code and instructions to give this to the winner!

That’s the giveaway mission, this is a very powerful mission to run giveaways at scale. So have a go yourselves at creating a giveaway mission! Good luck!

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